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Psalms, The


The collection of some 150 songs, prayers, and various other, less easily classified compositions that forms the nineteenth book of the OT.

Outline of Contents


I. Book 1. Psalms 1–41

A. Introductory Psalms (Ps 1-2)

B. Yahwistic Psalms of David (Ps 3-41)

II. Book 2. Psalms 42–72

A. Psalms of Korah (Ps 42-49)

B. Psalm of Asaph (Ps 50)

C. Elohistic Psalms of David (Ps 51-72)

III. Book 3. Psalms 73–89

A. Psalms of Asaph (Ps 73-83)

B. Psalms of Korah (Ps 84-88)

C. Psalm of Ethan (Ps 89)

IV. Book 4. Psalms 90–106

A. Psalms of Moses (Ps 90)

B. Wisdom Psalm (Ps 91)

C. Psalm of the Sabbath (Ps 92)

D. Psalms of Yahweh’s kingship (Ps 93-99)

E. Alleluia Thanksgiving Psalms (Ps 100-106)

V. Book 5. Psalms 107-150

A. Psalms of David (Ps 107-110)

B. Alleluia Thanksgiving Psalms (Ps 111-118)

C. Torah Psalm (Ps 119)

D. Songs of Ascents (Ps 120-134)

E. Alleluia Thanksgiving and Lament (Ps 135-137)

F. Psalms of David (Ps 138-145)

G. Alleluia Thanksgiving Psalms (Ps 146-150)