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Moab Map

The area shaded in pink is the territory known as Moab, located on the east side of the Dead Sea, across from the wilderness of Judah. A flat and arid plane extends east from the banks of the Dead Sea before ascending sharply some 4,000 feet to the plain above. The upper plain is a more fertile stretch of land that extends about 15 miles from the escarpment east to the Arabian Desert. Dibon, the capital city of Moab in the biblical era, is located in the northern region of the upper plane. It is here that the Mesha Stela, one of the most important historical sources relating to the Bible, was found. In this inscription, the Moabite king Mesha recounts his battles with the Omride dynasty of the northern kingdom of Israel. The Moabites are portrayed as a constant adversary to the Israelites in the Hebrew Bible. Produced by