Revelation and the Bible

The Book of Revelation is the only book we have of apocalyptic prophecy.  We have snippets of apocalyptic prophecy in some of the Gospels, for example, in Mark and the sort-of Olivet Discourse in Mark 13. We certainly have apocalyptic prophecy in text like 2Thess 2, 1Thess 4 and 1Thess 5.

I would not see Revelation in terms of content, as something radically different than what Jesus or Paul said or the author of Hebrews said about the end of the things that we know, but the genre of literature is different.  It’s a different type of literature even though the substance about discussing about the end.  I mean they are all in agreement: Jesus is coming back.  They’re all in agreement:  there’s going to be a final judgment. And they’re all in agreement there’s going to a Resurrection when Jesus comes back, and that seems to be pretty common. The major distinction between Revelation and what comes in the Gospels or in Paul’s letters is literary genre, it’s not so much content.